“Dan Y Berllan” • “Under the Orchard”

We have two acres of apple trees: about thirty different cultivars on a variety of rootstocks. We also have pears, cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, and a lot of soft fruit.

We sell apples, apple juice and cider vinegar, jams and preserves.

We do not spray our trees or use any pesticides, or fertilisers except for wood chip and home-made compost.

Young apple trees are available in small numbers, or scion wood (only in late winter) for those who prefer to do the grafting themselves. We have a limited amount of home-grown rootstocks (M111, MM106, M25) and can recommend our best cultivars.

Apple: “Grandpa Buxton”

A large sweet cooking apple and one of the best performers on our West-facing hillside, this is a new cultivar produced in the mid-20th century by Erica’s great-grandfather, Grandpa Buxton himself! After grafting some scions from the original tree in North Yorkshire, we have been delighted at the vigour, disease-resistance and heavy cropping of this variety on M111 and MM106 rootstocks.

Makes the best apple crumble you’ve ever had. Mid-season ripening, keeps past Christmas if picked early. Less tart than a Bramley, with a more rounded flavour and lovely smell.