Twrciod, Ieir, Hwyaden a Gwyddau

Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks and Geese

We keep pure breed poultry for sale as birds, chicks, and hatching eggs. Most of the following are available all year round (young chicks in spring and summer only).

All of our birds have access to free grazing* plus all of our second-quality greens, fruit and veg straight from the garden (holey cabbage leaves, extra courgettes, unpicked berries, etc) and we feed them only organic feed.

(*From December 2020 until further notice, all our birds are “locked down” due to DEFRA rules to prevent the spread of avian influenza. They have separate covered pens and most still have access to a grass rotation as well as greens supplementing their feed. They are looking forward to release from lockdown in the spring.)

Twrcïod • Turkeys

We love our turkeys. They are real characters, very friendly and inquisitive birds. They lay lots of beautiful speckled eggs with big yolks, which make the very best scrambled eggs and quiche.

Norfolk Black

A beautiful mid-size turkey, the males grow to over 10kg table weight and the females typically 5-7kg.

Ieir • Chickens

Our choice of chicken breeds are dual purpose heritage varieties, for eggs and for the table. We keep separate flocks for breeding from only the best birds.

Barred Plymouth Rock

With beautiful soft feathers, these attractive birds are friendly layers of light brown eggs.


Robust fast growing dual-purpose chickens, excellent for the table and good layers of white eggs.

Hwyaid • Ducks

Our ducks are fine slug hunters and also lay like clockwork though the season; we even get a slow supply of duck eggs in winter! Friendly and laid back, they are happiest contentedly rootling in long wet grass and exploring puddles. Duck eggs are excellent for baking cakes.


Large ducks with an iridescent green sheen to their black feathers.

Gwyddau • Geese

HONK! Chinese Geese are not the quietest of birds. If truth be told they are not the friendliest either. However, they make up for it by acting as excellent lawn mowers, keeping the grass down in the orchard, and they are very handsome birds. They need very little supplementary feed except for grain as a treat and layers’ pellets for the girls in spring to keep them in top condition. A fried goose egg on brown toast is unmatched.

Chinese Goose

Stunning but noisy, they are very low-maintenance grazers.

Hatching eggs, chicks and young birds are available seasonally. Layers and breeding pairs/trios all year round.
Please email us to request availability.