Mêl, Gwenyn, a Chwyr

Honey, Bees and Wax

Our honey is straight from the hive, sieved to remove wax particles but contains a variety of local pollen according to what the bees have been feeding on. Seasonally, they enjoy hedgerow flowers, apple blossom, bramble and sycamore, so our honey is a light and fruity mix which varies through the year. We do not take honey from all our hives – only those who have collected more than they need to get them through the winter.

Mêl Pur Cymreig

Carmarthenshire Honey

Clear and soft-set



Overwintered colonies in spring; queens available from early summer

Live bees are only available for local delivery or collection: we do not post, for reasons of biosecurity and genetics. Please buy local bees, to avoid spreading diseases and to develop a strong local strain of bees which are adapted to your local conditions and climate.